High Quality LC-PLLs

Silicon Creations provides precise, ultra-low jitter LC-tank based PLLs for demanding applications such as AFE, Converter, high-end PHY and RF clocking. Our LC-PLL portfolio includes: 

  • Advanced Fractional-N LC-PLLs with all digital architecture supporting an LC-Tank are proven in 7nm FinFET and commencing production. These IPs are low power (below 10mW), small (below 0.1mm2) and can provide broadband jitter comfortably below 300fs RMS.
  • 28nm Fractional-N synthesizers in production in TSMC, UMC and SMIC with generated LTJ below 500fs RMS broadband and below 150fs RMS integrated above 1MHz.

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28nm LC-PLL

28nm LC-PLL Layout (~0.4mm2)

28nm LC-PLL test results

7nm LC-PLL

7nm LC-PLL layout (~0.1mm2)

New Digital LC-PLL Early silicon phase noise measurements. Broadband jitter ~200fs RMS

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