Free running oscillators

We have a range of free running oscillators for use as watch-dog timers and core clock generators for MCUs and low-power chips with competitive features. These are available off the shelf and in production from 3nm FinFET to 65nm, or custom designed for specific targets. Our oscillators can be optimized for specifications as good as:

  • Power < 30uW
  • Accuracy as good as ±1.5% over -40°C to 125°C and Vdd ±10% and product life after trimming for process
  • Period jitter of less than 1%


Contact us to learn more about our Oscillators

Whether you'd like to use one of our mass-production oscillators, or have one customized for your specific needs, we're keen to help. Please reach out to us via our sales reps, or using the form on our contacts page.

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