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Hardware Validation Engineer

Atlanta, GA

Silicon Creations’ core products are phase-locked loops, high-speed serializers/deserializers (SERDES), and high-speed IO IP in all major foundries (TSMC, Samsung, SMIC, Global Foundries, TowerJAZZ, Dongbu, etc.) and process nodes (from 180nm down to 3nm FinFET).  The successful candidate will lead testing and characterization efforts of these IP blocks to gain an intimate understanding of their performance and capabilities across a wide range of operating conditions. 

 Prior to the customer going to production with our IP integrated into their system, the silicon circuits must be characterized to determine compliance with customer specifications, in addition to adhering to electrical standards, such as serial standards 10Gb Ethernet, PCIe, SATA, XAUI, JESD204B, and Vx1.  The successful candidate will develop time-efficient automated test benches utilizing state-of-the-art testing equipment to collect detailed performance data on these circuits, such as power consumption, PLL jitter and phase noise, SERDES timing margins, receiver equalization, and transmitter eye diagrams.  Upon completion of data collection, the successful candidate will interpret the measurement data, retest when necessary, work with the design engineers when possible compliance or performance violations are discovered, and compile the data into test reports.  Finally, the successful candidate will need to interact with and support our customers.


  • B.S. (masters desired) in electrical/computer engineering, or related degree
  • Experience with a wide range of electrical testing equipment, such as real time and sampling oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, time domain reflectometry, digital multimeters, BERTs, etc.
  • Experience with Matlab, PERL, Python, and C/C++ programming languages
  • Knowledge of circuits and systems
  • Knowledge of transmission line theory
  • Experience with both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Excellent verbal, presentation, and written skills


As emerging technologies continue to push the speed limits of silicon circuits, the line between the digital and microwave engineer has become blurred.  As a result, the test engineer must have a strong grasp of microwave engineering foundations to be successful.  Therefore, an understanding of RF/microwave fundamentals, such as characteristic impedance, S-parameters, port reflections, etc. is highly desired.  In addition, experience with multi-layer high-speed PCB design and FPGA RTL would be great.  Finally, the existing QA infrastructure at Silicon Creations is built on automated testing and verification using scripting languages such as Perl and Python, therefore in-depth experience with high-level programming languages is highly desired.


Silicon Creations has customers across the United States, Europe, eastern Asia, and Israel.  If desired, the successful candidate will have both domestic and international travel opportunities to interact with and support our customers, as well as attend industry trade shows.

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